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    Bickleton Car Show.  Saturday 9-5-2020 9:AM – 4:00 PM


Central Washington Studebaker Drivers Club was founded in 1972. Interest in the club waned and the club was inactive for several years. In 2002, the club was restarted and presently has about 25 memberships. We meet monthly on the third Saturday at Bon Vino’s Cafe in Sunnyside, Washington or other designated locations. From time to time we have our monthly meeting at a scheduled event in central Washington. The newsletter lists these places and times.

Please note this requirement is for judged shows. It is recommended at all shows.


Club member to display or enter their car  at any meet or show Should have an approved fire extinguisher.
The fire extinguisher must be UL listed or equivalent and fully charged. The   minimum for all vehicles is a UL type 1-A:5-B:C.  I3nsure that the nozzle is not obstructed and the safety seal is intact. The extinguisher need not be permanently mounted, but should be clearly visible and readily available.
When the car is on display, the fire extinguisher should be on the ground near the left front wheel. The fire extinguisher may be on the front seat or floor, but readily visible and available.
This motion takes effect on January 1, 2017

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